Can you continue to ride a motorcycle with two or more cylinders and one cylinder flameout?

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To understand this problem, we need to understand the working principle of multi cylinder engine. The actual working process of a multi cylinder engine will be more complicated, but for riders, we only need to understand its basic working process. Generally, the working principle of a motorcycle multi cylinder engine is very similar to that of a single cylinder engine, except that because there are one or more cylinders, the operation of the whole engine has a "relay" performance.


In other words, the working process of each cylinder block of a multi cylinder engine is independent, which will not affect other cylinder blocks. It will only maximize the power of the whole engine. This is also the original idea of developing a multi cylinder engine. Therefore, if there is no improvement in the performance of the internal combustion engine, a multi cylinder engine is not as good as a single cylinder engine.


Since each cylinder block of a multi cylinder engine works independently, does that mean that a motorcycle can still ride normally when one cylinder block is off.


In the view of Knight sharing, there is no standard answer to this question. The reason is very simple, because whether the motorcycle can continue to run in this state completely depends on the cause of the current vehicle failure.


If it's just a simple fuel supply system or a single cylinder block flameout caused by ignition in this state, then the motorcycle can completely ride. In this process, the power performance is not ideal.


However, if it is caused by the mechanical failure inside the cylinder block, you must not continue to ride. The reason is very simple. Since the engine flameout is caused by the mechanical failure inside the cylinder block, once you continue to ride, it will only make the failure more and more serious, and even the engine may be scrapped directly for forced riding. So it is better to know that a cylinder block flameout Don't continue riding motorcycles.


According to the technical level of motorcycle ignition system and fuel supply system at the present stage, it is not likely that they will cause a certain cylinder block of the engine to shut down. On the contrary, the probability of mechanical failure of a single cylinder block will be relatively high. Therefore, under such a premise, as long as you can feel that there is something wrong with the engine, you should not continue to ride, because no matter which one is Flameout caused by mechanical failure will cause secondary damage to the cylinder block.


In a word, in the process of using a multi cylinder motorcycle, once it is found that the power drops too fast and the fuel consumption rises obviously, we should first doubt whether a certain cylinder block is not working. On this premise, we should check the working state of each cylinder block through technical means. For users, the most important thing to do is to stop the engine and find a way to stop it The vehicle is towed to the maintenance point for inspection instead of being forced to continue riding on the road.