Annual output of cylinder block
Types of existing cylinder blocks

Zhejiang Hong Wei cylinder.‚Ltd.is located in Sendo of Zhejiang province.which is famous for its scenic beauty‚and easy transportation‚where there is a national scenic spot.The company is a professional manufacturer of perfect motorcycle cylinder body with a long history and high specialization.It has a strong technical force and a strong ability of design/devellopment.The company can annually produce 1.5 millions of various cylinder bodies with a stock of 100 different types.It has got the certificates of AAA credit enterprise in financia system‚emphasis on contract and keeping credit.Using intermediate frequency smelting effectively controls the product composition and crystal construction of iron cylinder.Film cover sand castling has a unique and fine mould making .Using aluminum alloy high pressure casting technology and aluminum alloy low pressure pouring technology manufacture aluminum cylinder.which meets the different technological demands of the variety of products.The products are in customers’graces and sold afar in France‚Greek‚ltaly‚South-eastAsia‚Africa‚south America and other countries and areas.At the same tine we can afford to have the new products of different cylinders developed and custom-made according to the customers’drawings and sample proucts.

The company will stick to the further strict management of "Taking employees as its basis‚Pioneering with technology"‚carry out the modem enterprise system and keep introducing new tehnology and new techniques to fruther go to the development of special‚large-scate and technical production with its superiority of high quality‚varieties and big batches.Our slgan is "Making enterprise stronger‚products better and the market flexible‚making dash towards one of chinese famous brands".We will use both hands;one hand grasps the product’devlopment and the other hand grasps the market net construction.Rhe co-many will bi made stronger with the famous brand‚scale and market.

The company takes "Keep improving‚Seeking the best"as the management ideal and "Specialization‚Credit‚Enthusiasm and Attention"as its service purpose‚keeps enhancing its good image.We sincerely keep credit‚customer uppermost‚quality first and service first.We will scale our new heights with our sound work‚new trails and credit attitude.    The fast development of Hong Wei company relies on our Promise on good quality ‚first class service and reasonable prices. We will try hard to meet the increasing demands of all customers over the world.All new and old customers and friends are welcome to visit our company.