How to judge if the motorcycle cylinder is pulled?

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Motorcycle cylinder pulling is a common fault in the process of vehicle use. The cause of this fault is directly related to improper use. The so-called improper use here is that the lubricating oil is not replaced in time, or the lubricating oil is not up to standard, resulting in the cylinder being pulled.


As we all know, the cylinder block and piston are the main parts of motorcycle. They need proper lubricating oil to lubricate their surfaces. Otherwise, the surface will be excessively rubbed due to high temperature and high pressure. If this phenomenon exists for a long time, the cylinder block and piston will easily cause unnecessary damage due to mutual friction. In this case, it will be damaged The cylinder block is pulled.


When the motorcycle cylinder failure occurs, it will show a series of adverse reactions, such as loud noise, increased fuel consumption, decreased power, exhaust pipe smoke, etc., so we can judge whether the current vehicle cylinder is pulled according to the performance of these failures?


If we change the engine lubricating oil, the amount of oil flowing out is extremely small, then it is very likely that the cylinder block will be pulled. At this time, the judgment is mainly based on the degree of exhaust pipe smoke in the later stage and the amount of lubricating oil consumption.


When the surface of the cylinder block is not smooth, the lubricating oil that should have been lubricated in the inner wall of the cylinder block will enter the combustion chamber through a small gap. At this time, the engine oil and gasoline will be burned together, and a large amount of blue gas will be produced, and it will come out from the exhaust pipe. Therefore, when this phenomenon occurs in the vehicle, it indicates that the cylinder block of the current vehicle has been damaged.


In addition, if the amount of engine lubricating oil drops too fast in a short period of time, it also indicates that the cylinder block of the current vehicle is damaged, because the main reason for the vehicle burning oil is that the cylinder block is damaged, and when the vehicle burns oil, the amount of lubricating oil will drop excessively.


From the above brief introduction, it can be seen that judging whether the cylinder block of the current vehicle is pulled mainly depends on whether the gas discharged from the exhaust pipe is blue. Secondly, it can be judged according to the sound of the engine. If the sound is disordered and accompanied by obvious knocking sound, the cylinder block has been seriously pulled and damaged. At this time, it is necessary to replace the set components.