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Join common problems

1 and in other brands in cylinder industries, which have advantage to grand?
Answer: compared with the other brand, grand cylinder possess incomparable advantage, mainly embodies in cutting-edge technology: grand cylinder facing the market of product of precoated sand shell mould casting process, intermediate frequency furnace and melting. Product passed ISO9001-2000 international quality management system certification, China's consumer association awarded the product quality trustworthy brand, insurance company accept insurance products liability. Therefore, our technology is worth your trust.
The price is reasonable, quality in similar products in the market price of lead of middle-grade price.
The individualized product technical service: the independent research and development for the technical problems in use process provides timely solve quiet assurance. From raw materials to produce the product configuration process have complete technical support, the unqualified products before delivery.
2 and how we understand grand cylinder product?
Answer: grand cylinder brand awareness, this might not loud and magnificent consistent "in practical development tenet of" are consistent. If you want to learn more about our company website, welcome to grand or call us. The information about products, browsing the web for product catalogue or company.
3 and if I prepare to join, how should begin?
Answer: the detailed procedure can consult to join flow ", "divided into following steps:
The first step to understanding, magnificent products
The second step, to inspect the company
The third step, signed the agreement, become formally joined agents.
4, need pay doing?
Answer: grand company has been committed to the development of product manufacturing cylinder, and sincerely assist each agent for career development, so we would minimize threshold, the agent to join not collect any doing and the rights and interests of gold.
5, grand company to support marketing agency have?
Answer: the company to support the sale agent reflected in two aspects: first, in the global scope, the company will use the Internet, magazines, TV and other media and publicity means to enhance the brand awareness, e.g. participating in all kinds of motorcycle accessories or Canton fair, Second, each agency area not regularly held by the company organization technology and marketing experience exchange or pantomime products and expand influence.
6 and grand company to agents all over how to carry out the technical support?
Answer: grand company will organize agents conduct technical training, in just operation stage, the company technicians using network and other communications to distributor guidance. The whole operation process agent if you meet any technical problems, through the network, telephone, fax and company communication, provide all-wave technical support, and provides the free and paid service conditions.
7 and become after agent network media can immediately implement?
Answer: be grand agents, grand company will strictly in accordance with the fastest speed regulation agent for agent network media, but the actual situation of each agent for different media publicity material needs, we will provide agent with the data provided by agent, submitted to the network service company, entrust Internet information service company carte Blanche in network promotion projects.


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