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Sales service

Zhejiang grand cylinder Co., LTD. Offers all after-sales service are based on the customer agrees to our sales terms and in the company on the basis of the actual shopping behavior.
Whoever in zhejiang grand cylinder Co., LTD purchased product user, automatic enjoy our service. Zhejiang grand cylinder Co., LTD. To provide users with high-quality comprehensive after-sales service, no matter what users will receive zhejiang grand cylinder Co., LTD, thoughtful customer service of the detailed help. Customer service department will reflect the question classification, the user as zhejiang grand cylinder Co., LTD can handle, by zhejiang grand cylinder Co., LTD. Is responsible for solving the problem; the user If belong to distribution, logistics and transportation and other departments of responsibility, customer service department and all relevant departments, as soon as possible to solve the problems.
Product quality problems
Zhejiang grand cylinder Co., LTD provides products are manufactured through examination, achieved the relevant product quality standard of qualified products. Users buy products and user when signing a contract, the transition of the product is drawing. Product quality guarantee. If the user purchase cylinder Co., LTD, zhejiang magnificent product quality problems, please contact our customer service department, we will based on the user's specific problems, respectively. In zhejiang grand cylinder Co., LTD, the user as consumers shall enjoy the right to get the full respect.
Zhejiang grand cylinder Co., LTD made detailed product exchange regulations, please click exchange rules.
Product delivery problems
Zhejiang grand cylinder Co., LTD, the product by the customer may be responsible for transport, may also directly by the company products to customer designated location, or by zhejiang grand liner shipping agency Co., LTD, entrust a third party service providers will be delivered products. Regardless of the type of way, users are transported products shall have the right to require the product packaging, when receiving all attachment is complete. If users receive the product packaging, incomplete defective products, affect product quality, customer service, please contact with customers, we will be according to the requirement of the user to the repair, replacement or return.
Payment problem
Users buy zhejiang grand cylinder Co., LTD product can through the post office remittance, bank transfer etc. Both acceptable way of any payments.


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