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Goods exchange rules

General exchange rules specifying:
This rule is only as the company's sales/purchase contract, and the supplementary conditions of contract have conflicts with the contract shall prevail.
A, warrantee
1 if you once found products quality problems must return in time and effective contact customer service.
2, zhejiang grand cylinder Co., LTD guarantees the shipment of packing intact. In order to guarantee your interest, please you receive the goods, if the goods are found on the spot inspection damage in transit, you have the right to make delivery staff take back goods delivery or distribution agency personnel to show proof, distribution claim.
3, we only provide a free door-to-door return. Please look after the goods completely department in effective time again, please contact with our products and ready to accept/invoice for inspection. (note: all products have special instructions).
4 and if due to its customers order before the reason (for example, repeat orders clear content, contracts, etc) of the quality problem, please return customer first and customer service personnel in the company after contact to retreat. Requirements:
(1) : return with time receive the goods within 1 week (to date) sign.
2) packing, the goods itself intact,
(3) please bring the original Posting/orders, if already development ticket please return together,
5 and if the company products with the third parts, components, accessories, or department or the first question, please operate with third-party vendors/manufacturer contact, in order to avoid improper operation of the system or improper reason and mistakenly quality problem, because this is the same problem, even change will produce, couldn't solve the problem. Once the products sold in parts, not return.
6 and artificial factors (fall, collision, rust, third-party service, abnormal operation/etc), anti-counterfeiting mark does not belong to return and maintenance etc. Delivery staff cannot on the spot, if need to confirm the user and the personnel return please contact, dealt with again after confirmation. Small gift products, in Spring Festival gift products, extra gift, if necessary, please sign acceptance shall not return.
7, zhejiang grand cylinder Co., LTD. Reserves the right to refuse the following circumstances i.e. customer requirements:
(1) the door-to-door delivery errors due to the customer return requirements. Please on receipt of the goods in accordance with the delivery, carefully check and accept the terms of the contract/goods, goods shortage, loss, damage, please directly, pointed out, free to spot inspection after delivery, will not be accepted.
(2) over time (i.e. the relevant provisions of the contract requirements i.e..)
(3) replacement goods or damaged all.
(4) customer orders or invoice or lost.
(5) because of its customers order before the reason (for example, repeat orders clear content of goods, etc.).
(6) customer requirements into other goods will be replaced.
(7) customers in front not contact with customer service centers in advance.
(8) products not by zhejiang grand cylinder Co., LTD. Offers.
Second, return to exchange rates in the case of transport and related
1, zhejiang grand liner shipping charges paid Co., LTD
Due to the return of the following missed caused
(1), provide the information is correct, but in complete invoice provided when the customer data error.
(2), provide information or incorrect, and no contact with customer timely discovery.
(3), because commodity quality problem and in return period, please return in zhejiang province and magnificent cylinder Co., LTD, the personnel and agreed.
(4), in the delivery process to return, return in time, beyond the first, please contact with the prior to obtain consent and guarantee.
2, transportation and other related fees by the client
Due to the customer's miss the responsibility caused
1), customer data error is discovered, and consulting clients, and didn't get the correct and cause of the expenses.
2), due to personal reasons or indirect cause problems, zhejiang province and magnificent cylinder Co., LTD, a system of any return of goods required, without our consent, refuse to handle.
Note: the general rules for sale or purchase contract only supplement clause in the contract, such provisions shall prevail;, If not stipulated in the contract, the general rules refer to return. If the process of implementing rules and regulations or other related interests, damage to both parties.


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