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    History keeps on going forward .Hongwei owes development and achievements to many people’s great efforts .However compared to many excellent world enterprises ‚ we still have a long way to go .
    Today’s China is changing towards the trend of economic globalization .Thus we shall face globalization competition .At the same time with the rapid development of market economy ‚ we have entered a client-centered time ‚when we should give priority to the interests of clients.
    Economic globalization has brought not only opportunities but also challenges.In the future competition ‚we shall readily answer international managing principles and commercial standards.Only excellent enterprise talents can win .Thus we need to change those managing ideas and behaving habits that have lagged behind and further arouse team enthusiasm and organization vitality.We should bring our innovation ability to full play ‚ keep on surpassing selfhood‚ create great sources of motive force ‚and rapidly promote Hongwei competing ability .
    We know development of enterprise depends on team active participation and cooperation ‚so does Hongwei.So we expect all staff of Hongwei can bring their abilty and talent to full play ‚ be full of work enthusiasm  and devote themselves to Hongwei’s future success.Let’s work hard also for the development of China Cylinder Sales  industry.

                                                                                                          President:DingXiong Ming


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